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About Us

desi mocktail - your healthy companion

Our Brand Story

Founders of Desi Mocktail are truly passionate about well being of human beings. Our final goal is to deliver healthy drinks to your doorstep. We have started with remarkable tea blends but many more products are on its way. Don’t you think it is our duty to keep the body in good health? 

We believe that the true happiness comes with peace of mind and healthy fit body. It would be so thrilling to always start or end with a sip of tea. Generally, tea tastes best when they are fresh. So, we always use fresh tea leaves in our products. With the addition of numerous herbs and spices, you get divine health benefits. Such natural ingredients enhances the aroma and flavour of teas. 

We do everything to keep the tea blend fresh and wonderful. Get ready to enjoy our wide range of teas as the way it is. We need tea lovers like you. You are our beautiful customers who are helping us to introduce the healthy lifestyle in today’s Indian market. Great tea is for a great mind like you!

Prepared In Small Batches Just For You

As we know that the tea blending process demands a lot of focus and determination. Our professional tea sommelier make sure to finalize the blending ingredients of each recipe. We consider everything from health benefits, taste, aroma, to flavour combinations. 

At Desi Mocktail, tea blends are most popularly sold items. For a regular tea drinker like you, we have a subscription plan. It comes in 3 packages like monthly, bi-annually, and annually. Get your customized box right in front of your house with just a click of a button. You can pick and mix all your favourite blends and build your own favourite package. 

Before trying this out, you can also order the Desi Mocktail sample box and then decide the favourite blends. Any feedbacks and suggestions, we are open for it. All we need is a lovable customer like you.

Just Relaxxx.. Sip Your Favourite Tea

Health is our passionate and lovable reason which lead to the discovery of Desi Mocktail brand. We aim to explore the world of tea and bring you the best blends along with embracing flavours. Are you ready to taste them all? 

Currently, we focus on blending fresh whole tea leaves with 100% natural and organic ingredients. Get the goodness of wide varieties of herbs and spices in the form of healthy beverages. With a cup of your favourite tea, it would be easy to deal with your day and people around. Don’t you think so? Take a step ahead and detox your body with our exotic tea options. 

Don’t forget that Desi Mocktail is here to complement your healthy lifestyle. In fact, our gourmet tea blends use no artificial flavours and chemicals. We always keep it healthy and natural. Above all, the wide range of products at Desi Mocktail promotes good health to you and your happy family.